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More than four hundred years after Rembrandt visited an anatomy lesson and created his world-famous painting, we reveal the Amsterdam Skills Centre for Health Sciences only a few miles from where the operational theatre of the famous Dr. Nicolaes Tulp once was. On average, it takes more than 30.000 hours of learning...

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TaTME course

TaTME course

Date:  6 February 2020 Location: ASC Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) is a promising technique for difficult mid and low rectal tumours. This new down-to-up approach is technically demanding and is associated with a relative long learning curve with the potential of TaTME specific complications such as urethral injury, nerve damage and pelvic side wall injury. The TaTME course has an intensive two-day program including live-demonstration and hands-on cadaver training enabling surgeons to become familiar with the ins and outs of the TaTME technique with a focus on patient safety. Subscribe
Stryker | Spine | MIS Spine Solutions

Stryker | Spine | MIS Spine Solutions

13 February
Date: 11-12 March 2020 Location: ASC Advances in Technologies and Techniques: MIS Spine Solutions This Stryker Product Training Event will provide education and training in the safe and effective use of the following Stryker products: MIS portfolio, Sonopet & Navigation, the surgical procedures in which such products are used, and/or the disease states that can be treated with such products. This is an interactive course with one day didactic and one day cadaveric lab training with high calibre international faculty.  


Date: 09-10 May 2019 Location: ASC Together with European instructors from leading gender clinics we will guide you as a surgeon in learning step-wise performance of a penile inversion vaginoplasty. We will offer you a combination of lectures, state of the art instructional videos and hands-on cadaver dissection supported by a 3D anatomical model of the pelvic region. In addition, surgical team members will participate in multiple breakout sessions directed by experienced physician assistants, pelvic floor physiotherapist and sexologists from leading European gender clinics. The breakout sessions will cover the pre, peri and post-operative care. For more info visit our website:
Stryker | T&E | Fragility Fractures of the lower limb

Stryker | T&E | Fragility Fractures of the lower limb

Date: 19-20 March 2020 Location: ASC Participants can expect a highly interactive course based on case discussions and according cad lab activities in small groups. They can experience and discuss new surgery assistance technologies for hip fractures (ADAPT) and the new locking methods for the tibia (with T2 Alpha). This course is intended for experienced and advanced Trauma surgeons (no beginners, no experts) who are actively involved in the management of Trauma patients on a daily basis. All case discussions will happen in English language only, so your candidates should feel comfortable with talking English and actively take part in the discussions.

Expert opinions

Thanks to the close collaboration between VUmc and AMC, the Amsterdam Skills Centre will be a new academic landmark.

We see this state of the art facility as a unique partnership between university, industry and NGOs in an innovative melting pot.

Stuart Silk

President Stryker Europe

The skills of surgeons and other medical professionals, who are trained with simulators, turn out to be higher than the skills learned via traditional methods. Virtual learning environments are essential to improve surgical skills and to render healthcare more sustainable.

Hans Romijn

Chairman Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam already has a sound track record of academic medical teaching for hundreds of years. Right here, almost 400 years ago Rembrandt painted his famous 'anatomy lesson'.

Now again Amsterdam is building the next generation medical learning platform, based on a complete new way of learning and teaching.

Jaap Bonjer

Chair Dept. Surgery Amsterdam UMC